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Subject: Paula Wylde - The Gentleman Brian - Part 1My Nights With The rusian pedosex Gentleman Brian -- Part 1I'd like to relate a few encounters with an absolutely gorgeous gentleman
called Brian, who I met on a well-known TV Chix website.
My circumstances are such that I move around the country a lot with work,
I met Brian whilst working in North Wales, near Chester. I used to stay in
an out of the way hotel, close to an industrial estate in Flintshire, and
this gave me the perfect opportunity to be my femme alter-ego, Paula.
Paula had been with me for years, in different guises, Nikki,
Mikayla,Tania, but finally I settled on Paula in 2005, when I started my new job. Paula
was sassy, extrovert, sexy and confident, she oozed style and dressed to
perfection, always smart, never tarty. Paula had only ever been closet and
very occasional, but she wanted more.
As I said, I had been chatting to a few different people on the TV
website, and met one or two, but it was mainly rushed, in cars and I was not very
convincing, and frankly, getting a guy off in the back of a 10 year old
Mondeo was not really what I was after. So I thought, off with it, changed my
femme name, bought a whole new wardrobe and set about creating Paula.
I'd been Paula (part-time/occasional) for nearly 3 years when I first
encountered cum sex pedo Brian. It was the first time I'd worked for the Company in North
Wales and I was going to be working there regularly over the next 2 to 3
years, a few weeks at a time, two, maybe three times a year. With this in mind
I detailed my movements on the TV pedo illegal pre boys website and that is where I finally got
chatting to Brian. We chatted for a week or so before deciding to meet for
the first time. We agreed a time and Brian would come to my hotel at 9:30pm
the following evening.
This is where I kind of panicked! I spent the rest of that evening making
sure I was smooth all over, especially as I had never gone fully smooth
before (only legs & bum previously), I didn't want to rush the evening of our
meet afterall, did I?
So work went very quickly and I was soon back in the hotel and having
another bath, I'd bought some bath salts and relaxed and pampered myself for
about an hour. It was now 8:00pm and I had an hour and a half to make Paula
perfect! Firstly I slipped into my matching bra and panties, black & pink
lace, then sat down in front of the mirror to apply my make-up. Forty
minutes!! Yes forty (40) bleedin' minutes to get baby sex pedo that right, it was my first time
going the whole hog, and I mean the whole hog, even false eye-lashes to
give that overly femme look. Okay, lets finish off my undies for the evening;
I wasn't sure if Brian was a stockings or tights man, so I took no chances,
I clipped on my matching black & pink lace suspender belt and rolled up
the fresh-out-of-the-packet black deep-welt lace-top stockings, slipped on my
long dark-brown wig and stared free pedo porn video at myself in the mirror -- wow!! I couldn't
believe that was Paula looking back at me. I'd gone the whole kiddie pedo sex hog
previously, but never so meticulously, even if I do say so myself, I looked good
enough to eat. Okay, I'd been admiring myself for far too pedofilia sex thumbs
long, secrete pedo portals
it was now
9:00pm, I slipped on my sexy black dress, fitted on top, finishing in a
pencil-style skirt which finished just above the knee and some sleek black suede
4" heels with pedo child mpeg download
a silver motif. It was now time for a damn good glass of
wine, I called pedo moms
down to reception and order a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and two
glasses, asking room service if they could please deliver it to my wife in
room 14 very quickly, as I would be arriving back at the hotel in 10
minutes!!! Yes, got away with that!! The wine came, I signed for it, the girl
who was foreign delivering it was very tall, over six foot, and didn't even
bat an eyelid.
9:30pm came.......... and went. 9:40pm came and went. I checked my mails, how
could I have been so stupid!! A timewaster. Then a knock on my door, I
peeked through the spy-hole and there was Brian, bunch of flowers in hand. My
heart raced as I opened the door, he stood there, magnificent, brooding, mid
fifties, what you would call handsome and fit, he wasn't Hollywood, but he
knew he looked good. I just said `hi!'. He stepped forward, apologised for
being children kids pedo late, gave me the flowers and a kiss on the cheek. I responded and
soon our pedo boy stories lips met. Jeez, let's close the door first!!And so it was, innocent boys pedo
our first of meetings was about to begin........... Part 2
on it's way.
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